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Born Ready 

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We are proud to run the Born Ready - Better Births course. 

This course is physiotherapist created, with input from obstetricians, midwives and doulas, with the mission of eliminating birth trauma. 

Born Ready consists of 2 components: 2 hours online and 2 hours face to face. We run the face to face component every 4-6 weeks on Saturday mornings from 8am - 10am.

We focus on educating and empowering the birthing woman and her birth partner with practical skills and the ability to make informed decisions.

Our 2024 course dates are:

Saturday 18th May

Saturday 15th June

Saturday 13th July

Saturday 24th August

Saturday 21st September

Saturday 19th October

Saturday 16th November

Saturday 14th December

For more information and to book, head to:

Please book and pay for your online course through the Born Ready site - this will allow you to also book your free face to face practical session.

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