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Meet the team


Brooke: Owner and Director - Women's Health Physiotherapist


Brooke has been working in the area of Womens health for 8 years and has loved everyday of it.  

Having dealt with endometriosis associated pains since 2014, she has always resonated with women's health - believing that  unfortunately there aren't enough health professionals who can help women put the pieces of their body puzzle together and help make sense of it all. With this information, Brooke believes women can be empowered to know that all of their different conditions/symptoms can often be from one cause and  treated accordingly. 

Brooke wants all women to feel comfortable once they step through her door, knowing that no question is too silly, no goal unattainable, and there is no embarrassment having yourself assessed.

Whether you want assistance throughout pregnancy, hope to get back to exercise postnatally, or are experiencing pain with intercourse, she would love to help you achieve your goals.

When not at work, Brooke will be chasing around her beautiful 2 year old son Byron, working out at the gym  or going for a run. 

Heather: Womens Health Physiotherapist

Heather has been working as a physiotherapist for over a decade and specifically in the area of women’s health physiotherapy for over 8 years. Having three young children herself she knows what it’s like to juggle prioritizing your health while also caring for your family. 

She is passionate about helping women move comfortably throughout pregnancy and continuing to be physically active in preparation for labour and then transitioning into motherhood, empowering new Mum’s to work towards their goals in recovery and exercise. A particular passion of Heather's is to help women manage high level exercise ands sport performance during pregnancy and how to best manage their return back to competing at high level sport post partum. 

Heather knows that the journey into parenthood can be full of the unexpected and loves working with women to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.
Whether women simply want to be stronger for the physical task of caring for their baby (those prams are heavy!) or return to exercise Heather loves helping women work towards their goals, allowing them time and space to prioritize themselves.

When not in the clinic Heather loves spending time with her young family while finding time to enjoy running and is an avid netball player and fan.

Nicole: Musculoskeletal & Womens Health Physiotherapist 

Nicole is an experienced physiotherapist who is very passionate about supporting and inspiring women to admire their bodies, because they truly are incredible!


She has been working as a physiotherapist and clinical pilates instructor in Western Sydney for the last 6 years.  Having been an avid dancer from a young age, she learnt all about the importance of patience and persistence with regards to the body’s limitations and injuries. This was when she fell in love with physiotherapy (and pilates!).  After the many long hours of rehabilitation with her own physiotherapist in her teens she realised that she wanted to be that same guide to others. To be the person to encourage strength and growth, and to remind women of their body and mind’s resilience, even in the face of changes over the lifespan. 


Having been surrounded by many friends and sisters who have experienced pelvic issues, Nicole understands how considerably these conditions can impact your life, and also how stigmatising and overwhelming it can be to reach out and seek guidance. She knows how important it is to return to the activities that are meaningful to you, and she is more than willing to be your guide on this journey. 


During her time out of the clinic, Nicole can be found going for a run with her hyperactive pup ‘Harley’, training at the gym or catching up with girlfriends at the local coffee shop.

Brianna:  Musculoskeletal & Womens Health Physiotherapist

Brianna spent the last two years working as a physiotherapist in a sports physio clinic. During this time she has also completed extra training in dry needling, pre-point assessments and Sport Physiotherapy. Brianna believes in a holistic, individualised approach to treating everyone and getting you back to the activities that you enjoy. 

Brianna has now combined her knowledge in injury and rehab with her love for women’s health. She is passionate about working with women, to educate and empower them to understand their bodies and to lead active lives. 


 When she is not at work, Brianna enjoys trail running, hiking, camping, rock climbing or anything else outdoors.

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